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Aim of the initiative:

The aim is the perpetuation of life itself, by interlacing all the phases that compose it.

The Initiative:

Family and friends meet up on the birthday of the fallen for a tour that traces the key points of his life. The tour passes through the places he encountered growing up - those that made up his life: schools, youth movements, and many other relevant settings - so that it becomes a material embodiment of the fallen - their life, qualities, talents, and all the beauty they brought to the world; and so that we may once again experience the times of his youth. The whole process is led by a qualified guide who weaves the story of a life with the history and geography of the places, to produce a single story, the component of a sequence of stories that complete us as a country.

Activity Dates

All year round, planned for the birthday of the fallen

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אחים לדרך