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אני ואחי לוגו

Aim of the Initiative:

This project aims to make the memory and the bereavement accessible to the realms of the Israeli public, with a focus on the younger generation via new cultural avenues, by giving expression to the bereavement of siblings across all sectors.

The Initiative:

Creating a way to visually perpetuate the memory, which offers a gentle, sensitive narrative. This will be accomplished by meeting with an illustrator and the sibling to bring a shared life story (with the fallen sibling) to life in a myriad shades of vibrant color. A beautiful, tangible way for the memory to endure, that can have a place on the bookshelf at home, and become part of the combined family remembrance to be passed on to future generations.

Activity Dates

There is an initial Zoom meeting to get to know you and to learn about the project. Shortly afterwards, there is a project launch with the siblings and the illustrator at the WIX complex, 4 Yosef Tel Aviv Port (4 Yosef Yekutieli Street, Pavilion 27). And the evening of the book launch will take place close to YHZ)

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