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Aim of the initiative

This is an interdisciplinary art exhibition inspired by the stories of bereaved brothers and sisters.

The Initiative

What form does a creation take when inspired by the memory of another person? How do you embody an encounter with those who are no more? Where does a sister meet up with her bereavement, where is the place for it? For her love? And her longing? This exhibition attempts to explore these questions. It is not simply another memorial exhibition, but a brush with life; one that emulates the connection brothers and sisters cherish with their fallen sibling, and their life journey since. There is a language for the bereaved in this country; there are certain definitions and interpretations; there is even a hierarchy. This exhibition enhances and embellishes the language, provides a platform to share experiences, amplifies the voice that seeks to be heard, and channels perspectives that are less likely to be heard in the public arena.

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